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Scientists Develop Smart Windows to Clean Air Pollution

February 18, 2019

A team of Chinese scientists have developed a large-scale transparent smart window that can change light intensity while effectively capturing the particulate matter in smog, a study said. The study published on Saturday in the journal iScience described a simple solution-based process to fabricate large-area flexible transparent windows with Ag-nylon electrodes for high-efficiency PM2.5 capture, […]

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Google to Let Preloaded Android Apps Update via Play Store Without Signing In

February 17, 2019

Google is planning to roll-out a functionality that would auto-update preloaded apps via Google Play even when users are not signed into their Google accounts. With this feature, the search engine giant aims to provide a more consistent app experience for users in the coming months, Android Police reported on Friday. Previously, if users were […]

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Windows is getting a face-lift in 2020, but you can get a sneak peek right now

February 16, 2019

Microsoft is stretching the lead time for future updates to its flagship Windows operating system by quite some margin, giving Insiders the chance to test out  in early 2019 one of the updates planned for a 2020 release. Microsoft is currently testing its April 2019 update for Windows 10, and hasn’t yet opened up its late-2019 update to […]

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8 Best GadgetsTo Gift Your Loved One On Valentine’s Day

February 15, 2019

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and so is the pressure of gifting your special someone the perfect gift. This Valentine’s Day, go beyond the traditional chocolates and gift them something unique. Gadgets are not only unique but also very utilitarian. It’s something we can use every day. We don’t just mean gift a mobile […]

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Google ‘refocusing’ Android Things for OEMs building smart speakers and displays

February 13, 2019

The Android Things platform finally launched in 2018 after an extensive developer preview period to power third-party Smart Displays and other speakers. Google is now “refocusing” the platform to prioritize OEM partners building that category of smart devices with Assistant built-in. Over the past year, a number of major manufacturers have released Smart Displays and speakers powered by Android Things. Lenovo, JBL, and […]

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February 12, 2019

Whether you’re a once-a-year, twice-a-month or thrice daily kind of person, sex is basal. You can imagine it, read about it, listen to it, watch it, experience it, and perform it. And whichever way you choose to go with it, sex can be amazing fun if done right. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you a […]

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