Image result for BEST TECH GADGETS FOR MOMSEvery year there’s a new wave of technology that aims to make parents’ lives easier. The list always includes tech gadgets that have been developed and designed with moms in mind. The common thread is that life as a parent is hectic — so any gadget that can make life easier must be a good thing. But are these really the best tech gadgets for moms? Or is it just that motherhood is a huge target market, with women eager to be the best mom ever.

Here are a few of the latest tech gadgets for moms that claim to be just what you need for your child’s comfort and safety.

Bedtime Tech

Sleep seems to be a number one concern for parents. Get a group of us moms together and it won’t be long before we’re discussing how well or poorly our babies and kids sleep. White noise machines made their debut a few years ago and continue to be recommended as a sleep solution for babies, children, and adults.

Now marketed as “sound machines”, the Hatch Baby Rest is just one of the many brands available. It’s a white noise machine, night light, and “time to rise” gadget all rolled into one. Much like a Smart Home device, you control it through your phone after downloading the app. You can personalize the Hatch to your own preferences by customizing the colors of the light and adjusting the volume. Then select the sound, which includes classic white noise, ocean sounds, singing lullabies, and more.

best tech gadgets for mom

The Hatch Baby Rest isn’t just for babies — it’s also good for those toddlers who wake much too early. Program the machine with a visual cue for older children. When the Hatch is green, it’s okay to get out of bed and start the day.

According to many women, life is better with the Hatch.  Corrine Wilson from Vancouver, Canada purchased a Hatch after the birth of her third child. When new baby Sloane wouldn’t sleep, Corrine was desperate to try anything.

“I had nothing to lose — if a sound machine could get Sloane to fall asleep and stay asleep for a few hours, it would be well worth it. It worked!” Wilson told Parentology. “On the first night of using the Hatch, Sloane quickly fell asleep with little fussing, and she slept for six hours. And this meant the rest of the family slept as well.”

Although it’s not going to solve all your sleep problems, give a sound machine a try and see if it can at least improve your child’s sleep so you’re getting a better night sleep yourself.

Another technically advanced, higher-priced gadget is the Snoo Smart Sleeper for babies under six months. Developed by pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, the bassinet is designed to mimic movement in the womb. The Snoo comes with sound sensors that rock faster or slower to keep baby calm and a monitor that plays a variety of white noise — all working together to help your baby sleep, and sleep well.

best tech gadgets for mom

CNET reviews are in favor of the Snoo for getting baby to sleep, but the price tag makes this a gadget that’s out of reach for many families. “The concepts behind Snoo aren’t new, but their execution could very well be more successful, given the minds and research behind the device. That said, the $1,160 price tag will simply seem like an absurd prospect for most parents — especially since the device will work for only six or seven months for many children”

Monitoring When Kids Are Sick

Nothing can make moms feel more worried and anxious than a sick child. Which is why we take their temperature when they’re not feeling well, checking to see how high a fever is so we know when to step in and use the Tylenol.

Now the thermometer has gone digital, with an app that gives you all kinds of important information based on your child’s age, symptoms, and temperature reading. The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer lets you take a temperature reading and then review through an app that records and tracks data such as the date and time as well as any other symptoms, such as sneezing or coughing.

best tech gadgets for mom

Both CNET and PCMag give the Kinsa good reviews, with PCMag concluding, “The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer is fast and accurate, and the actionable health advice it provides can be very helpful.” From a mom’s point of view, being able to record and track temperature may be useful and ease your mind, but it’s important to talk to your doctor if a fever persists for more than a day in younger children and babies.

One last note, the Kinsa can be used by all members of the family, making it perhaps one of the most versatile of all tech gadgets for mom.

Monitors Have Come a Long Way

Child monitors have become more technical. Audio monitors are still popular, but if you’re going to keep an eye on your children, why not go all the way with a video monitor that also tracks the humidity and temperature of the room? The Miku Smart Baby Monitor can also monitor your baby’s sleeping patterns.

best tech gadgets for mom

According to PCMag, the Miku performs well. “Live and recorded video showed good color with no noticeable barrel distortion, and black-and-white night vision was sharp and evenly lit. Motion alerts arrived instantly, as did non-movement alerts, and the analytics chart made it easy to track hourly and daily activity and environmental conditions.”

While there are a lot of new tech gadgets coming your way, you don’t need every new device to be a great mom. Technology is here to make life a bit easier, but in the end, it always comes down to common sense parenting.