Where Is Mobile Gaming Going Now?

December 17, 2018

Getty Mobile games are now dominating App Store and Google Play downloads. According to gaming research firm Newzoo, mobile gaming will generate more than $70 billion in 2018, which is over three-quarters of total app store revenue, and there will be over 2 billion global players. Mobile attribution and data analytics company AppsFlyer’s report on The State […]

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China Sets Up Online Games Review Panel, Raises Approval Resumption Hopes

December 15, 2018

Chinese regulators have set up an online video games ethics committee that has already reviewed 20 titles, state media said, raising hopes the government was preparing to resume an approval process that has been frozen for most of this year. China, the world’s biggest gaming market, stopped approving new titles from March amid a regulatory […]

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NBA Games Are Longer This Year And The League Is OK With That, Stressing Game Flow As More Important

December 14, 2018

The length of an average game has become a massive issue in major American professional sports. Major League Baseball is discussing transformative rules changes to shorten their games and appeal to a younger, broader audience. Yet NBA games are quantifiably, marginally longer this year and the league said that it’s okay with that, more concerned […]

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OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition teaser hints at 50W Warp Charging

December 7, 2018

A OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition teaser claims that “charging is about to hit warp speed”. This is most likely a hint at 50W charging, which was missing from the spec sheet of the regular 6T. OnePlus trademarked Warp Charge earlier this year, not long after sibling company Oppo unveiled Super VOOC (50W) charging with another […]

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Best Black Friday Deals On Gaming Accessories

November 26, 2018

Whether you’re a PC gamer, console gamer, or mobile gamer, there’s one constant in your life: gaming accessories are everywhere. Each year, both first- and third-party gaming companies release a variety of accessories that all promise to enhance your gaming experience. Those accessories can be wheels for driving games, thumbsticks to attach to your controllers […]

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How PUBG has redefined the Indian gaming ecosystem forever

November 23, 2018

Indians are well and truly addicted to PUBG thanks to affordable broadband access all over the country. The success of this online multiplayer game is clearly an inflection point for the Indian gaming industry. Will desi titles finally succeed?   Earlier this month, I went to my home town in Rajasthan and played PUBG in […]

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