deepin 15.8 Linux distribution available for download — replace Windows 10 now!

As more and more people wake up to the fact that Windows 10 is a giant turd lately, computer users are exploring alternatives, such as Linux-based operating systems. First impressions can be everything, so when searching for a distribution, it is important that beginners aren’t scared off by bewildering installers or ugly and confusing interfaces.

Linux “n00bs” often opt for Ubuntu, and while that is a good choice, there are far more pretty and intuitive options these days. One such operating system that I recommend often is deepin. Why? It is drop-dead gorgeous and easy to use. It is guaranteed to delight the user, and its intuitive interface will certainly impress. Today, the newest version of the excellent Linux distro, deepin 15.8, becomes available for download.

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“Compared with deepin 15.7, the ISO size of deepin 15.8 has been reduced by 200MB. The new release is featured with newly designed control center, dock tray and boot theme, as well as improved deepin native applications, hoping to bring users a more beautiful and efficient experience,” says deepin developers.

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The devs further say, “Prior to deepin official release, usually an internal test is implemented by a small number of community users, then we record their feedbacks and fix the bugs. Before this release, we test deepin 15.8 both from system upgrade and ISO installation. Thanks to the members of internal testing team. Their contributions are highly appreciated!”

As is typical with deepin, there are many eye candy changes to be found in the new release, including enhancements to the dock. The grub menu is now prettier, and the file manager has improved icons for the dark theme. It is not all about the superficial, however, as there is now an option for full disk encryption when installing the operating system — a very welcome addition.


Microsoft Warns Windows 10 Has An Expensive Problem [Updated]

Windows 10’s problems are growing. Despite the introduction of new monthly charges, the number of high-profile incidents with recent updates (including one that deletes users’ personal data) is off the charts. And now Microsoft MSFT +2.29%

Update: November 10th – Microsoft has now officially confirmed the issue to me and stated it hopes to start rolling out a fix over the next 24 hours. 

Spotted by The Register, Microsoft’s activation servers have started accidentally downgrading expensive Windows 10 Pro systems into cheaper Windows 10 Home PCs, then invalidating their licences. Needless to say, that’s a nasty financial hit (Home is $119, Pro is $199), and affected users are furious.

Windows 10 is causing serious new problemsMicrosoft

“After updating to Insider Build 18277 my Windows 10 digital license became invalid. I don’t understand! … No hardware changes, nothing has changed. I don’t know what to do,” tweeted one affected user.

“One of our three-year-old Lenovo Yogas just decided to throw 0xC004C003 Windows activation error. Windows diagnostic tool says the machine has Windows 10 Home license … Dumbasses” tweeted another.

And it’s not just upgraders being affected. Problems with automated Windows 10 Home downgrades are being reported with fresh installs on different Windows Pro versions as well.


Sunset Overdrive confirmed to be coming to PC

Sunset Overdrive confirmed to be coming to PCAnumber of signs over the past month have strongly suggested that Sunset Overdrive is due for a PC release, and now Xbox’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has confirmed it’s on its way. In a tweet posted today, Hryb announced that Sunset Overdrive is gearing up to make its debut for Windows 10 PCs, and

For anyone who has been following the latest rumors and leaks closely, Sunset Overdrive’s PC release won’t come as a surprise. The game received an ESRB rating earlier this month in the U.S., following a similar rating by the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee in May. Then, a preorder page was briefly listed on Amazon before being taken down a short time later.

There’s no confirmed release date just yet, but the Amazon preorder page indicated that the game could be headed for a November 16 launch on PC for $20. The game is expected to launch on both Steam and the Microsoft Store, as well as on physical discs.

In any case, we’ll learn much more when tomorrow’s episode of This Week on Xbox drops.

more information will be revealed in an interview with Insomniac Games founder and CEO Ted Price on the next episode of This Week on Xbox


Microsoft ex-CEO Ballmer says if Windows changes were bad for profits, ‘I’d be selling’ shares

Steve Ballmer

Anjali Sundaram | CNBC
Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft and one its top stockholders, said this week that he’d be unloading his shares if the company tried to move away from its Windows franchise.

Microsoft split up its Windows group earlier this year, putting some of the business into the unit that develops the Azure cloud and the rest into the group that works on Office and devices. It’s all part of Microsoft’s shift to focus on the cloud and artificial intelligence under Ballmer’s successor, Satya Nadella.

Still, Windows is producing more and more revenue and a big chunk of profit, even as Nadella changes direction.

“I mean, this less importance on Windows thing I find a humorous thing by the press,” Ballmer said in an interview on Monday at the WSJ Tech D.Live event in Laguna Beach, California.

Ballmer said he can’t imagine the company would do anything to unwind it.

“If they were, I’d be selling,” he said.

Windows revenue increased 5 percent to $19.5 billion in the latest fiscal year, which ended on June 30. That represents more than 17 percent of total revenue. Microsoft doesn’t disclose operating income for Windows, but Ballmer said at the conference that the business accounts for $13 or $14 billion of operating profit. If true, that would represent about 40 percent of the total.

While Ballmer said he doesn’t agree with how some of the changes at the company have been portratyed, he’s generally bullish on the direction. Microsoft has released several apps for Android and iOS, and has sought to bring more content from phones into Windows.

“The company has made a smart choice, in my opinion, to go more platform independent,” Ballmer said. In working across operating systems, “I think the company has done a good job,” he said.

Ballmer has certainly been rewarded for hanging onto his stock. Since Nadella took over the top job in 2014, the stock has tripled and the company is now worth over $800 billion. Ballmer’s net worth is estimated at over $40 billion, and almost all of that is from his current ownership in Microsoft.

“I’m glad we left the company with good profit streams and good technology,” Ballmer said. “I’m glad Satya’s taken that to whole new levels. I think that’s fantastic, and as a shareholder, I think it’s double and triple fantastic.”