Gaming industry turning out to be lucrative space for Indians

  • David
  • August 5, 2019
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Who would have thought playing online games could be more than a pass time. With the gaming industry in India reaching new heights, more opportunities have come up than ever before, making it a lucrative space for people.

Take the example of WinZO, a vernacular e-sports gaming platform, that recently announced its partnership with more than 600 housewives and school teachers in rural India to empower them by providing a parallel stream of income.

But, how can partnering with a gaming platform help someone earn money?

On WinZO, more than 80 percent of users are using the application in non-English languages. The average time spent by the players on the platform is close to 55 minutes and only 10 percent of the players are from the top cities of the country.

In addition, WinZO Trivia has a database of over 5 lakh questions.

All this requires translation in different languages as the user base is deeply penetrated and involves many regions.

The translation of all the content on the platform is solely driven by housewives, college students and teachers.

For this, they earn Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 on an average by translating the application and trivia content in different languages.

But the gaming industry is doing more than empowering women and youth. It is helping people make their passion their career.

Looking at the growing interest in online gaming, gaming platforms are organising bigger gaming events with bigger prize pools.

Recently Mobile Premier League had organized MPL Chess Mahayudh and the winning amount was as high as Rs 5 lakh.

After winning 253 matches out of 265 in over a 12-hour period, Rathanvel, who is an 18-year-old prodigy from Coimbatore, was able to win the tournament as well as the prize money which could help bring a lot of change in the gamer’s life.

His father said that it is such tournaments which will help game enthusiasts pursue their dreams in this space which otherwise is an expensive affair.

Take the case of coaching for chess. Lessons from a grand master could cost around Rs 1,500 per hour and an international grand master charges around $50 for an hour. So, more tournaments and bigger prize pools is an encouragement to gamers.

In addition, there are platforms that are helping game developers financially.

Experts feel that with proper support, India has the potential to become an outsourcing hub for international gaming companies which will result in more job opportunities in the country.