How many types of computer are there?

How many types of computer are there?There are enough categories of computers for every taste today. When it comes to choosing a gadget, a person begins to think about what he or she needs it for. We have collected the most different types of computers so that you can decide yourself which one is undoubtedly made for you. Types of computers (stationary PCs) There are quite a lot of categories of computers. We are ready to tell you about the differences between them, as well as about the classification of stationary devices in general. Desktop, a personal computer (PC) Image: Source: UGC The most high-performance representatives of personal computers are desktop types. The device got its name because it is usually placed on the desk. Often these computers are equipped with individual device tables. The main component of the gadget is a system block, which an owner usually puts in the aisles of the table. A monitor, keyboard and mouse are connected to the system unit, and all these components interact with each other. The block has the components of replacement ability. This feature gives an opportunity to increase productivity, speed and even more. READ ALSO: What are the 3 different types of monitors for computers? Monoblock A monoblock is also a kind of stationary computer. It is different from the previous one because the system unit does not exist separately from a monitor in this case. Usually, a system block is inserted into the back panel of a monitor. This feature makes the gadget more aesthetic. It is better than the previous one because it combines the main components in one piece. This option dramatically simplifies the work with the device. Now you do not need first to turn on the system unit, and only then to start a monitor. Now just one touch to the screen and a computer is already working. Nettop Only a few know what a nettop is. Perhaps this is due to the not great popularity of this representative of mini-desktop. Technical progress is pushing humanity to new inventions. Compactness is one of the basic rules that inventors use in their work nowadays. Therefore, a nettop may appeal to fans of small gadgets. The name of this gadget comes from the merging of two words: the internet and the desktop. Since this device is smaller than an ordinary system processor, respectively, power consumption and performance are lower. It also heats up less and produces less noise. Types of computers (portable devices) People want to catch a lot during the day. Often it is not enough time for all what we have planned. Therefore, people have developed portable computers that help us with tasks managing every day. Now it is hard to imagine life without these gadgets. They were designed especially for our comfort so we can take it everywhere. The main point is in a charging place. And of course, we also need the internet for our work or tasks. Not everyone knows that there is a difference between a laptop and a netbook. Do you also think it is the same device? Laptop Image: Source: UGC A laptop is a portable, foldable personal computer that has its free operation time. Its productivity time entirely depends on a battery. A notebook is considered portable since it immediately contains a keyboard, a touchpad, a screen and a processor. Due to its smaller size compared to other PCs, a laptop is a serious device for work and a suitable gadget for entertainment. This computer fits well in a special bag, which facilitates its transportation. Laptops come in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses: slim, ultraslim, desktop, etc. Thinner versions of notebooks are suitable for representative people or women. The thicker and more productive device is ideal for those people who see the leading role in its functionality. READ ALSO: What is system unit? Definition and components Netbook A netbook looks like a smaller copy of a laptop. Their main difference in performance. It is much lower than on a laptop. Also, the screen diagonal of this gadget does not exceed 10.1 inches. It is equipped with a webcam and a microphone like a laptop. It is very suitable for people who like small appliances. The basics of a netbook are designed to go online. Video games and complex programs do not work well on it. Tablets This kind of computers is even smaller than netbooks. The tablet consists of one solid body. The keyboard is located on the screen inside the tablet. Of course, in terms of performance and multitasking, it is significantly inferior to a laptop. This device is a perfect combination of a netbook and smartphone, which makes it easy to transport and makes it indispensable. It consists of a touchscreen because it does not provide a keyboard and mouse. It is a convenient type of gadget that is an ideal option for people who spend a lot of time surfing the internet. Computing servers Image: Source: UGC People use supercomputers which are machines with high performance for local area networks and the internet. Undoubtedly, they are beneficial due to their performance, but the main thing is their ability to store information. Such devices are characterised by multiprocessor data processing. Imagine, they handle over a million tasks per second! They are used in the state, scientific and many other institutions. It is an indispensable technique in the contemporary world. The elements of this computer are very structured. It helps to distribute tasks evenly. The uniform tasks distribution helps the super-fast computer working. Technical progress is swift. Year after year, we learn about new devices. At the moment there is a significant classification of computer and every person uses them in his or her way. Few people can now imagine their lives without a laptop, or a personal computer or even a smartphone. The technique has penetrated all areas of our life. On one hand, it is not very good that devices are everywhere, but if you look at it from the other side, it becomes evident that we need them every time. They help us in work, communication, household affairs and even relationships, that is why we believe that every person must be aware of the different types of computer that exist nowadays. Read more: