Windows is getting a face-lift in 2020, but you can get a sneak peek right now

February 16, 2019

Microsoft is stretching the lead time for future updates to its flagship Windows operating system by quite some margin, giving Insiders the chance to test out  in early 2019 one of the updates planned for a 2020 release. Microsoft is currently testing its April 2019 update for Windows 10, and hasn’t yet opened up its late-2019 update to […]

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Gmail for Android and iOS get a revamp with Google’s Material Theme; roll out begins today

January 30, 2019

Gmail for Android and iOS smartphones has been revamped with Google’s Material Theme offering a more cleaner look for the app. Gmail users on smartphones will get some more features with this update as well. Gmail for Android and iOS gets revamped Google has been on a roll when it comes to updating some of […]

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Focus: A Cooler Computer

January 29, 2019

Not so hot. A computer circuit is depicted here as a network of connected bits. Performing an operation on these bits requires energy that is converted to heat (red). A new study shows theoretically that this energy cost could be reduced by timing th… Show more As computers continue to shrink, the energy required per computation decreases. […]

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One billion gaming tweets recorded in 2018; PUBG and Fortnite also make a mark, says Twitter

January 28, 2019

The most tweeted about was the role-playing mobile game Fate/Grand Order while battle games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) also making it big in the list. Image credit: Twitter/ Flickr San Francisco: Micro-blogging site Twitter has recorded 1 billion gaming tweets from people around the world discussing game titles and cheering on their favourite esports […]

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The ‘Computer’ Mouse is a mouse that is also a fully functional computer

January 16, 2019

The computer mouse is one of the most important accessories ever invented, one that essentially carried in a new wave of electronic interaction when it was first released. But what if we went further, like YouTuber Electronic Grenade, who has done the seemingly impossible: built a mouse that not only can control a computer, but in fact is a […]

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Leave a comment 3 This alternative operating system is easier than Windows and Apple

January 14, 2019

For the technologically inclined, trying out new operating systems can be an adventure. The rest of us, however, figure we have two choices: Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS because that’s what comes installed on our computers. But there’s a little secret that about 2 percent of the population has known about for a couple decades […]

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