What 8 of the world’s most popular tech gadgets looked like when they were first released

February 11, 2019

In an age of technological overload, tech gadgets released two years ago can seem just as dated today as those that came out in the 1980s. As a society, we have abandoned clunky, plastic cell phones with antennas for sleek iPhones made of glass; wired controllers for wireless virtual reality headsets. Take, for example, Microsoft’s […]

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The ‘splinternet’: How China and the US could divide the internet for the rest of the world

February 4, 2019

Two internets could emerge in the next five years — one led by Chinaand one led by the United States — a top venture capitalist has predicted, adding to a growing chorus of voices suggesting such a development could take place. The concept has been dubbed the “splinternet,” and it refers to a future in which the internet […]

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How to watch the Super Bowl on your smartphone, tablet or computer for free

February 3, 2019

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner! This typically means that millions of us in the US are finalizing our plans for the big game with friends or family. While most people will be enjoying the game and its commercials on a large screen TV, quite a few will be tuning in on their […]

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The news about Donald Trump Jr.’s mysterious calls before the Trump Tower meeting, explained

February 2, 2019

When Donald Trump Jr. testified to Congress about his meeting with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign, he was asked about two calls he placed to blocked phone numbers while setting up the meeting. The president’s son said he couldn’t remember whom he called — and Democrats questioned whether he called his father. But Senate investigators have determined […]

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January 25, 2019

he biggest innovation in gaming laptops in the past year has been Nvidia’s Max Q graphics cards, which allow for much thinner and lighter designs with enough graphical power to run the latest high-end games. These are laptops that you could realistically use all day at the office and then for intense gaming sessions when […]

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AOC’s latest curved gaming monitors offer the important features at an appealing price

January 23, 2019

AOC launched two new 27-inch curved gaming monitors today as additions to its premium line. Curved monitors might still be an added expense that makes gaming more immersive for some and seems pointless for others, but AOC’s new offerings today expand the market a bit. More importantly, they deliver fast refresh rates, quick response times, […]

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