Scientists Develop Smart Windows to Clean Air Pollution

February 18, 2019

A team of Chinese scientists have developed a large-scale transparent smart window that can change light intensity while effectively capturing the particulate matter in smog, a study said. The study published on Saturday in the journal iScience described a simple solution-based process to fabricate large-area flexible transparent windows with Ag-nylon electrodes for high-efficiency PM2.5 capture, […]

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Google to Let Preloaded Android Apps Update via Play Store Without Signing In

February 17, 2019

Google is planning to roll-out a functionality that would auto-update preloaded apps via Google Play even when users are not signed into their Google accounts. With this feature, the search engine giant aims to provide a more consistent app experience for users in the coming months, Android Police reported on Friday. Previously, if users were […]

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How to watch the Super Bowl on your smartphone, tablet or computer for free

February 3, 2019

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner! This typically means that millions of us in the US are finalizing our plans for the big game with friends or family. While most people will be enjoying the game and its commercials on a large screen TV, quite a few will be tuning in on their […]

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African governments use Internet shutdowns to silence opposition more and more —what can people do?

January 27, 2019

What would you do if your government decided to intentionally shut down your access to the Internet? Millions of people around the world have had to answer this question time and time again over the past few years, as government-mandated Internet blackouts are on the rise. Less than a month into 2019, Sudan, the Democratic […]

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Five Health And Wellness Gadgets That Use Technology To Make Your Life Easy

January 22, 2019

No, this article is not about gazillions of fitness trackers dumped into the market every day. Nor does it include digital snake oil such as the smart bands that claim to help you sleep better. And no, none of these products include KickStarter or IndiGoGo campaigns that haven’t come to fruition yet. This list purely […]

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Is It Time to Rewrite the Operating System in Rust?

January 20, 2019

Summary Bryan Cantrill explores Rust, explains why it has captured the imagination of so many systems software engineers, and outlines where it might best fit in the deep stack of operating system software. Bio Bryan Cantrill is the CTO at Joyent, where he oversees worldwide development of the SmartOS and SmartDataCenter platforms. Prior to joining […]

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