This Sennheiser gaming headset is discounted to only $133 on Amazon

  • David
  • August 10, 2019
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sennheiser game one gaming headset amazon deal

With two exchangeable cables, you can also use this gaming headset for Mac, consoles, mobiles, and tablets as long as they feature a 3.5mm jack input. Grab yours today and experience fully immersive sound, whether you’re trapped in the vortex of Dota 2, nailing headshots in Counter-Strike, or gunning in Fortnite.


Sennheiser has an excellent reputation when it comes to audio equipment, and the same can be expected with this gaming headset. Outfitted with an original transducer technology, you’ll hear every detail with clarity and accuracy. It also has a noise-canceling microphone which ensures clear communication with your teammates, but if you don’t have to use the mic, you can mute it by simply raising the boom arm. No matter the type of game you play, you can count on this headset to provide an extremely accurate audio reproduction.

The Game One is built for long-term sustainability. Its open-back design keeps the head cool and allows air to be let through to your ears, while its plush velvet-covered XXL ear pads provide extreme comfort even during long gaming sessions. You can even adjust the cushioned headband for a customized and secure fit on your head. Volume controls are integrated onto the right earcup which allows for easy adjustment when needed.

No matter how large the display or how stunning the graphics, a gaming experience is not complete without the right headset. You can order the black version of the Sennheiser Game One Gaming Headset on Amazon at a discounted price of $133.