Elon Musk’s Neuralink Set to Reveal ‘Computer-Brain Interface’ on Tuesday

July 14, 2019

Not many people know that Tesla Founder and CEO Elon Musk owns a startup called Neuralink that is developing ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces, existing only in sci-fi movies at the moment, to connect humans and computers. The least visible Elon Musk company is set to reveal its progress in developing the technology to connect computers to human […]

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Apollo Guidance Computer Restored, Used to Mine Bitcoin

July 13, 2019

Some people change the world with technology. Some people use technology to change the world. And some people find ways to mine Bitcoin on really, really, really old computers. Ancient Computer Restorer and obvious Bitcoin programming enthusiast Ken Shirriff has turned this into something of a habit, having previously worked out how to perform Bitcoin mining on […]

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Bengaluru cop covers open manhole in the city. Internet is in love with this new superhero

July 12, 2019

Image posted on Twitter by HSR Layout Police Station. A police constable has received a big round of applause online after he covered an open manhole to prevent mishaps on a street in Bengaluru. Pictures of Girish M covering the manhole with a big stone were shared on Twitter by the official Twitter account of […]

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Securing the Internet of Things Requires Flexibility, Experts Say

July 10, 2019

As more everyday items like toasters, TVs and thermostats become connected to the internet, the rules for keeping those devices secure must be able to evolve as quickly as the technology itself, experts said Tuesday. Congress and government regulators have spent years debating the best strategies for securing the billions of network-connected devices that permeate virtually every […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 teaser video hints at powerful new Note

July 9, 2019

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has always targeted consumers who want a large screen smartphone for productivity purposes like taking notes with a stylus or multitasking. With every Note smartphone, Samsung has tried to inch closer and closer towards a powerful computing device. The Galaxy Note 10 could be the company’s most powerful Note yet, at […]

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Someone is wrong on the Internet

July 8, 2019

You wake up, and check your phone, and see a new condemnation. Some awful person has said something outrageously insulting. Something actually evil, if you think about it. Something that belittles, dehumanizes, and/or argues against the freedom and agency of a whole category of people. You add your voice to the furious chorus in response. […]

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